Back To Nowhere [single]

by Brandon McCarron



recorded in Warren, Michigan January 24, 2016


stretch right
reach left
each step
i'm going back to nowhere

charged east
fled west
pushed out by a cackling beast
shrieking "get on back to nowhere
boy, get on back to nowhere"

no fun
no one
just me and the distant sun
lighting up the domes of somewhere

how far
they are
so sorry
i'm falling back to nowhere
right on back to nowhere

no no my mind will not be seized
i'll speak and be what i please
i'd spend a lifetime on the same old hill
i will not be killed to serve a vacant will
i'm anywhere, i'm everywhere
when i'm standing still

bleak shame building
steep flames burning
fraught aims
and there's nowhere else to go here

a black dog
in a loud room
so soon
he'll lead me back to nowhere
right on back to nowhere
way out back to nowhere

no you will no take me away
i'll wake and face the new day
push my way through the tangled woods of fear
i hear my silence break and find i've reappeared
identity, identity
like a melody
reaching ahead of me
another lovely hill

stretch right
reach left
one step
turn my back to nowhere
keep my back to nowhere
not going back to nowhere
headed off to somewhere
gonna find that somewhere


released January 25, 2016
written, performed and produced by Brandon McCarron



all rights reserved


Brandon McCarron Warren, Michigan

Brandon McCarron writes songs and then records them.

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