by Brandon McCarron

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"Sewage" is a collection of harsh acoustic songs. The entire album was recorded on a laptop microphone and absolutely sounds like it. It struggles through feelings of anger, desperation, depression, isolation and social alienation, then unwittingly stumbles into the territories of self-examination, personal accountability, incidental comedy and stark acceptance. It nakedly teeters on the edge of cynicism then falls backward and collapses, allowing it to finally reemerge from its own thick fog and step into a clearer and truer reality.


released November 14, 2016

written, performed and produced by Brandon McCarron

Brandon McCarron - guitar, piano, harmonica, voice

recorded in Warren and St. Clair Shores, Michigan
May - November 2016

© 2016 Brandon McCarron



all rights reserved


Brandon McCarron Warren, Michigan

Brandon McCarron writes songs and then records them.

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Track Name: What The Hell Am I Gonna Do?
what the hell am i gonna do here?
what the hell am i gonna do?
the gravel has faded gently
the grasses are fading too

dragging a bag of bullshit behind
scraping my crumbling shoes
what the hell will i do?

what the hell am i gonna say here?
who else could i fucking be?
the faces are stoned and empty
feels like it's coming from me
this room became damp and ugly
a strange aching chill to the bone
can somebody feel somebody?
don't tell me i'm fucking alone

the message is drowned deep underground
could never reach somebody new
i frantically pound, so muffled the sound
just pushes me further from you
what the hell will i do?

what the hell am i gonna do now?
what the hell am i gonna do?
i've written this song so many times
and i never sing anything new

oh, but here comes the grand conclusion
that great declaration of change
which partially strips the confusion
and lets stubborn convictions remain
i've been screaming aloud to no one
statements i wish could be true
i just need a friend who will stay till the end
i need it, i need to feel you
what the hell will i do?
what the hell will i do?
what the hell will i do?
Track Name: Sewage Town
drive on a crumbling road
grind with a humbling load
a greasy cough of car exhaust
i just can't seem to shake it off
i'll die on this crumbling road

where did i go wrong?
when did cynicism become my song?
a witness blind, a broken cog
a man who panics in the fog
where did i go wrong?

oh shit, i better move quick
it's ripping me to bits
i gotta find peace in this place

inside, a dwindling light
where i hide from my own life
i may be right, i may be wrong
but i can't change this traveling song
i'll ride that beam of light

time is all i need
and a dime to soak my seeds
a tank of gas, the windows down
leave bags behind in sewage town
time is all i need

but oh shit, i better move quick
it's ripping me to bits
i gotta make peace with this place
Track Name: Fodder For The Herd
a rat, a snake, a bird
exchange a dirty word
tell me what you heard
fodder for the herd

i've just been reassured
this punch is filled with turds
and someone keeps it stirred
fodder for the herd

sometimes i like to make a wish
that i could get down in the shit
and play a few games with the animals
but i just cannot stand the taste
the smell of bubbling human waste
i'll never find a place among
the murderers and cannibals

the image comes unblurred
and deems itself absurd
everybody's heard
fodder for the herd
i don't care what you heard

talk and talk and talk and talk...
Track Name: Free Dope
i'm no caesar, no jesus
no ruler, no healer
the soothsaid, i knew it
by brutus, by judas
you will never do this to me again

the full moon's on the rise
big brother billy's got
greed behind his eyes
he's got a belly full of beer
so proud and yet too scared
to make it crystal clear
there isn't too much to say
a million folks before me
sang songs that sound the same
but my belly's full of shit
and i just can't eat any more of it

i'm no caesar, no jesus
no villain, no hero
the toothless, he spews it
so pointless, so stupid
who would ever do this?
who would ever do this?
hippocracy is beautiful too

he picks like a rat and flexes like a monkey
drives like a drunk and thinks like a junkie
i really hope he enjoyed his free dope
respect can't be pawned, only sold

you will never do this
you will never do this
you will never do this to me
throwing back the booze
and behaving like a tool
will leave you feeling foolish, brother
in the end
Track Name: Reptiles
her eyes become despondent
she's sinking in the bog
her lover's in the bushes
can't see her through the fog
an apoplectic reptile
has been waiting on a log
with a dead-eyed stare
no explanation

stealing up somebody's eggs
left out in the sand
takes her by the mind
before he takes her by the hand
is this the planet that i live on?
i'm just trying to understand
what a shit-bomb to ignite
my indignation

man, what's that about?
burn a house down and piss it out
then shit on the names
and the graves of your dead
aimless little kids
who never got disciplined
what's going on in your heads?

she feels control begin to slip
and she grips him like a doll
she's got one foot in the bedroom
and the other down the hall
woven lies and reptile eyes
she wants to have it all
well i've been had
by my own approximation

man, what's that about?
more riddles to figure out
what is the point of
disguising the truth?
it's going to catch up soon
that sickly old wretched moon
will illuminate your blameless youth
illuminate your blameless youth
Track Name: Walk Away
nobody good in this world
nobody good in this world
nobody good in this world
all alone
all alone
all alone

all i've ever had
is to walk away
walk away
walk away
walk away
all i've ever had
walk away
i'm so tired
of walking away
walk away
Track Name: Indeed Brother Indeed
did you wake up in the peaceful dawn?
and find that everybody in your life was gone?
did the windy city whip your coat?
did the isolation grip your throat?
did you stroll down every twisting path?
did you spell the chords and dot the staff?
were your shield and sword a page and pen?
and do you think you've found that guy again?

indeed brother indeed
indeed brother indeed

did you brave the stormy ocean blue?
and survive to tell a tale or two?
did you cross the mountains in your car?
just to find out who the fuck you are?
have you spent your life on what you love?
have you tamed the lion and released the doves?
did you make it through the shit and piss?
so do you think you'll make it out of this?

indeed brother indeed
indeed brother indeed
Track Name: Hide What I Need
why do you hide what i need?
why do you hide what i need?
does it lift your spirit?
or does it weigh you down?
why do you hide what i need?

already paid that price once
already feel that same hunch
the residue is everywhere
i step within this town
already paid that price once

why do you keep this mess?
why must you keep this mess?
throw it on the fire
and burn it to the ground

you want a tragedy
but i don't write tragedies
i write to lift my spirit
i sing to make a sound
i will get what i need

the doors burst open
the skeletons fly free
that's when all this commotion
will hold no power over me

does your hollow greed
lead you to what you need?
does it bring you pleasure?
or does it bring you down?
why do you hide what i need?
why do you hide what i need?
Track Name: Nightmare
slip through a microscope helplessly
down through the black hole conclusively
awake on a park bench dreadfully
this is a nightmare

flip through a catalogue anxiously
photos of places held partially
a slideshow of missed opportunity
this is a nightmare

walk down the side of the road
where grim stories unfold
will this one be told?

glass eyes are scanning me rapidly
they walk past and twist my reality
not sure if what's happening is happening
this is a nightmare

god, take me
or god, wake me up

oblivion hovers forebodingly
a white-wash sky looming eerily
nothing is waiting ahead of me
this is a nightmare

nothing left to erode

i've wasted
i've wasted love
i'm facing
i've done what i did
i've taken my shit
i'll die if i die
and i'll live if i live
Track Name: Disillusioned Waltz
melanie, melanie
so many words
all i feel for you
but every time i try to rhyme
i'm stuck on the verge
with nothing coming through

melanie, i can see
i'm lost in my head
screaming out my pain
you and me will never see
the blood we each bled
but melanie, we didn't bleed in vain

your melody will never leave
you'll dance through my ear
everywhere i go
you showed me what a song is for
and now i can hear
melanie, everyone will know
Track Name: What The Hell Am I Doing?
don't want to be doing what i'm doing
just want to be doing what i do
i've been doing what i'm doing
just to find another clue
and now i want to be doing what i do

i do what i do only sometimes
i've done what i don't for far too long
play my guitar in the sunshine
searching for that one line
if that's really what i do, i better get along

the hammer of god is striking
opens cracks in the earth where the devil hides
all this pressure, all this fighting
jesus christ al-fucking-mighty
i'm bleeding from an earthquake inside

don't want to be doing what i'm doing
or, wait, i guess i AM doing what i do
i just did so damn much doing
did some things that made me blue that
i forgot to be happy that i'm doing what i do
Track Name: Devil
the edge of the lake
the mouth of the river
the devil, he waits
there to deliver

over the land
the path of decision
through forest and sand
in windy collision

the water is pure
as my intention
to pose without fear
one simple question

some would inquire
his lust for temptation
his fancy for fire
his cruel inclination

but i don't believe
in his heinous perfection
the devil's in me
i am no exception

there must be a root
some buried emotion
if rage be his fruit
then hurt be his potion

well devil, i know
so tell me, why do you cry?
when you're alone
in your hell behind two eyes

the edge of the lake
the mouth of the river
the devil, he aches
the loneliest shiver
Track Name: The Last Song
if this is the last song that i ever write
i guess i should try to get it right
the last bit of daylight fades gently into night
i'm letting it go without a fight

brother, you've got to believe yourself
the very first time that people reveal themselves
the light on the shoreline is a foul plea for help
make it the last time you deceive yourself

there goes my last friend on a tirade of arrogance
a righteous crusader, hiding his malevolence
bloody and oily are the rags that i rinse
i'm watching him go with indifference

this won't be the last song that i ever write
but it will be the last time i collapse without a fight
got three more in the oven and i'll sleep on them tonight
for they'll be the first rays of the morning light
Track Name: Only Today
the car is moving slower
and my foot is getting weak
with the gas gauge sinking lower
getting closer to E
i thought i was getting smarter
and finding a way
but the wind keeps pushing harder
and harder every day

so i search for tomorrow
the end of the dirt road
keep the money that i borrowed
a clean getaway

i got off on a tangent
got dragged through every fear
and now i'm stuck in a pageant
and i'm the ugliest one here
i'm shaking and i'm sweating
with these assholes staring at my face
if i stay i will be destined
to end up in 7th place

so i wait for tomorrow
to grant me a furlough
from the predetermined sorrow
a complete getaway

so i fight an upstream battle
on this shitty shitty creek
but at least i've got a paddle
and my boat don't have a leak
though this is what i wanted
it's harder than i thought
if i'm destined to be daunted
i for damn sure really ought

never lean upon tomorrow
nor dwell upon the debt owed
never stop for a sideshow
nor a false getaway
'cause there's really no tomorrow
no unexpected payload
no end of the rainbow
there is only today