Natural Bridge

by Brandon McCarron

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recorded in Portland, Oregon December 2011 - July 2013


released August 23, 2013

written, performed and produced by Brandon McCarron

mastered by Josh Holland at Green Light Studios in Vancouver, Washington

additional musicians:
Aaron Summerfield (lead guitar 5, 8)
Adam Brock (voice 4, guitar 7)
Alexa Wildish (voice 10)
Allie Silverberg (voice 10)
Ben Wasson (percussion 8)
catwithnotail (sound design 9)
Chris Glaab (tenor sax 8)
Daniel Sheron (clarinet 5, tenor sax 5, 10)
Eran Schweitzer (voice 10)
Gavi de Tarr (trumpet 8)
Gordon Keepers (upright bass 4)
Jessie Aron (voice 8)
Joseph Berman (electric rhythm guitar 8)
Jonathan Roberts (trumpet 4, 10)
Kyle Bray (trumpet 10)
Nathaniel Lown (trombone 10)
Noah Bernstein (alto sax 2, soprano sax 2, 10)
Sean Vinson (bass 7, 8)
Tabitha Rotter (voice 3)



all rights reserved


Brandon McCarron Warren, Michigan

Brandon McCarron writes songs and then records them.

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Track Name: River
say what you want and i'll hear you
say what you will and i'll try
to take it down to the riverside
and pour it into my life
i don't mind much where you come from
or where you want to be
as long as you're looking into my eyes
when you're looking at me

some of us dream in the morning
some just sleep at night
some even smile in the drizzling rain
while some of us stand in sunlight
but everyone moves with the current
alone or in a crowd
and everyone feels a bit of everything
quietly or loud

i see, i see, i see
you in me
so clear, so clear
the river's churn is the music that we hear

my father lives in my hands
my mother lives in my tongue
my sister is so much older
and my brothers are forever young
and that is enough to crush me
the weight of love i feel
displaced away in a heavy wake
beneath the riverboat's wheel

so say what you will and i'll follow
at least for a while
i'll carry it down to the amazon
the mississippi or nile
hear me now in a flood
of a simple love that i sing
and i don't care what you're feeling
just as long as you're feeling something

i see, i see, i see
you in me
so real, so real
the river's churn is the music that we feel
Track Name: Force
what is this force, falling all around me?
an unknown source, pressing on my skin
it could be just gravity or wind
or maybe it was always there
but either way it's dancing with me now

wide open course, the sun is getting closer
a wild horse, running through the plain
his destination keeps changing with every way
or maybe he was always there
but either way, he's moving on right now

i notice you stretch on
but when i focus, you are gone

contingent force, falling all around me
a clean divorce, ditching all my gear
a bluish lake, so opaque is drawing near
and maybe it was always there
but either way it's pulling at me now

i notice you stretch on
but when i focus, you are gone
so i just move on
Track Name: Winston Shrugs
fall on wet ground
and wonder about the season
convinced completely that it's gonna change
winston's in town
and somehow he's still breathing
he rinsed his lesion, but he's still feeling strange
coffee at night
and endless space to talk through
an empty feeling, stuck on high alert
he says "it's alright,
long as we've got some place to walk to,
and laughter links our trying hurt"

we're running out
we're running out of luck

fill our mugs again
nurse our wounds and get to places
but do we ever get anywhere?
winston shrugs

they shot billy down
and harry's inside a jail cell
all the pleasant faces have gone away
but winston says "don't frown,
'cause i've been living within the same hell,
just find the present and trace it all the way"

we're older now
we're older now, but so what?

fill our mugs again
nurse our wounds and get to places
but do we ever get anywhere?
winston shrugs

says, "i don't know what to say,
someone keeps pulling out the rug,
and i don't think that i can take another day,
but man i know your friendship is enough"

we ain't older now
not older now, just stuck

fill our mugs again
nurse our wounds and get to places
but do we ever get anywhere?
cheers to life, old friend
someday soon we'll get to places
but what if we don't get anywhere?
winston shrugs
then gives me a hug
then laughs and says "so what?"
Track Name: My Kind Of Love
dusk is getting settled
like a massive vacant room
but you fill it to the rafters
with a sun about to bloom
purple covered hilltops
and you're strolling from the cave
maybe something's gonna find you
something noble or brave

you say, "my kind of love,
my kind of love is strange,
my kind of love should feel the same"

years of movie making
years of fantasy and macabre
made real as concrete
in a day of getting robbed
years of mulling over
love that was never really wrong
carving till it's perfect
when it was perfect all along

but why escape theirs?
why hide your face?
when people come in pairs
and it's a struggle to relate
just hold your place
exactly as you are
and show them your kind of love

my kind of love
my kind of love
my kind of love is
my kind of love is strange
my kind of love should feel the same
Track Name: Egomania
give us a wink, give us a blink, give us a show
imparting every thought that you think about nothing you know
well these narcissistic crystal ball and chains
are rotting out the inside of our brains
seems rather insane

where do i go? what can i do? what can i say?
that isn't gonna manifest just more of the same
well i've been brooding oh so much that my mind is erased
and i'm caught up in the midst of some odd chase
seems a thunderous waste

god, delete this undue information
wasting my time on egomania

jesus christ, i've been ambushed as well
in the chaos and in the mud, i guess i couldn't tell
but that self-absorption crept up like a ghost
and i'm shipping pointless letters, parcel post
like a powerless host

god, reveal some love, some omnipresence
free our minds of this egomania

well the best that i can do is blacken the screen
and step into the sunlight of my dream
with a love supreme

god, delete this undue information
wasting my time on egomania
Track Name: Natural Bridge
look below us
away in the sand
far behind us
the means to an end
look below us
you know where you've been
a valley of fools

life below us
won't wait for you
the life before us
is boundless
life below us
don't wait for you
so gather your tools
a mile at a time
you will know what to do
Track Name: Betty
betty came home to a cold and sleeping
shadow on the floor
the shape of a man with his head in his hands
where light would shine no more
on and on and on they stayed
belonging someplace else
a silence twisted through the night
as neither knew of any way to help

betty, my curse is a hopeless thirst
for a love to take me home
and the higher i climb in this tree of mine
the more i feel alone
i adored the goodness and
the brightness in your soul
but the drizzling rain that haunts my brain
just wouldn't let me go
just say it, say it, say it please
just tell me i'm ok
this guilt has built a nest around
all my nights and all my days

sacred moments passing by with you
i could've died with you
do you hear me?
i would bleed for love
and plead for love
and leave for love

betty, i swear if i ever see your face
i might collapse
and it's thoughts like this that hook my
hurried head into those traps
but love i've seen, it never leaves
the smoke won't find the door
i swallow every oily dream
and feel it even more
we change our minds, we change our shape
my love for you remains
the same as that incessant rain
that follows me every day
Track Name: One For Sergio
sergio, how can i be so strong
sergio, to sit down and write your song?
it's got to be bossa nova with a lovely melody
just like the gentle song you played for me

sergio's piano stood bold in place
of words, you know, with joy beaming from his face
he did not mind the origin, the meter or the key
just played it like sergio, fearless, you see

smiling through red wine
and now he's gone, yes he's gone away, i'll take a little time
to play one for sergio, dear friend of mine

let the music shine
and now he's gone, yes he's gone away, i'll take a little time
to play one for sergio, dear friend of mine

une charmante mélodie
au revoir sergio
merci beaucoup toujours
Track Name: Demented 5th
oh, demented 5th
where are you going?
what are you chasing?
and tell me, who with?
lone demented 5th

one more perfect 4th
after all this time
it still doesn't rhyme
and now she's adrift
disillusioned 5th

you remember it
sat back of the class
and cried behind glass
terrified and shunned
searching for the sun

in one jagged shift
plagues come screaming back
alone and attacked
marauders are swift
poor diminished 5th

so 2's and 3's mix
they clash and evolve
but never resolve
that world is a myth
yours, demented 5th
Track Name: Done In Love
the night is alive
withholding my fate
the fog pushes in
on the street where i wait
gaslights cast an orange glow
painted sound, i never want to leave

i've worked hard tonight
my heart is raw
sidewalks hold my loved ones
sweeping love forever over me

what if it cleared?
what would i hear?
what if i fell?
how could i tell?
if all done in love is done well

passersby spot
smoke in the air
but nobody stops
to sit by the fire that's burning there
strength in love of all things
the god i know is ever and believed

what if they cheered?
what would i hear?
what if they knew
all i could do?
what if i live
for all i can give?
i'll give it in love
and all done in love
all done in love
all done in love is done well
Track Name: Parasol
a risen poise
you're making noise again
the bloody thirst is bursting out your hands today
it fills the hole
it drags the soul so far
a fool with unkempt ears just hears the band today

what a pure motif
a hollywood relief
smiles and tears beneath
a lonely parasol

the web is thick
it makes you sick with doubt
you see it rust and crushed inside your hands today

you stand in disbelief
as your world turns a leaf
bundled up beneath
your only parasol

it's a two-edge blade
it's a feast you made
it keeps you moving
keeps you moving strong

a shelter for belief
shade from all the thieves
peace of mind is brief
but you don't care at all
on top of all your grief
a lovely parasol