Lines Of Separation (2009 demo)

by Brandon McCarron



how can i even speak?
how can i walk away?
when lines of separation
brought me through this way
when it's gotten to the point
that everything is dressed
in lines of separation
we're useless at best

all alone, the easy way
past the phone and TV age
think i've got nothing to say
think i've got nowhere to be
i see, but i can't believe it

must've been arrows
caught in my sides
or streams a bit narrow
to hold in the tides
could've been anything
to open my eyes
i see it now
i fear it now
from lines of separation
none shall hide

strain to blur them gone
bleed to wear them smooth
but lines of separation
always disapprove

robin flew to beat the freeze
old and few possibilities
think it's overwhelming to say
think i'm dying out like the sun
i run, but i can't escape it

must've been burning
for some kind of show
or useless concerning
with what no one can know
could've been anything
written ages ago
i pray to you
i beg to you
lines of separation
let me go


written performed and produced by Brandon McCarron



all rights reserved


Brandon McCarron Warren, Michigan

Brandon McCarron writes songs and then records them.

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